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Getting Started on the Forum

Post by Saint Nikolo on Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:56 pm

If you have absolutely no clue as to what your doing once you registered on our forum, this guide may help!

Steps to do once you register on the forum:

• Go to your "Profile" tab at the top of the forum page. Make your username your NationStates nation name. Try not to name it "The Example of Examplia", rather, your name should just be plain "Examplia".

• For your avatar, use your national flag. To make your national flag as your avatar, go to your NationStates page, right click on the flag, and one of the options should be "Copy Image Address" or "Copy Image URL", something along those lines. Once you clicked once the the copy image URL buttons, return here to your avatar page. Paste your URL into a box that says "Upload an Avatar from a URL". Once you have done that, save it, and bam.

• And last but not least, apply for citizenship!. This really helps us keep track of your political participation, and you get LOADS of benefits from it (no personal info needed, don't worry). Here's a link to the citizenship application page.

Have fun! And stay safe.
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