How The Senate Works

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How The Senate Works

Post by Saint Nikolo on Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:43 pm


The Flag of the Senate

A brief words, the Senate is the true body and life of Octobris, not just politically, but culturally as well. Without the Senate, Octobris would be in utter chaos. The Senate is composed of 9 members, or nations, so that even votes are invalid and will not exist within the senate. Each member represents a province in Octobris. The provinces are shown below.

Here is a brief history of the Senate in Octobris:

After many years of suffering and political harassment with Saint Nikolo, the Nikoloans decided to create their own region. But they wanted to treat their citizens unlike other regions. Every nation has a say in politics, through their elected Senator of their province. One senator per province. If Octobris were to elect an important official, the nations within their province would vote. The results would go to Senator, which tallies the votes.

Engineering the Senate takes lots of work and time. Provincial voting/polls can be created by creating a thread under "Octobris Senate" which of course, is under "Octobris Government" on the forums. Results are to be immediately sent to the head of the Senate, which would be me for the time being.

1. You must be a citizen of Octobris in order to become a Senate member.
2. You have to be in Octobris for 1 week and a half in order to become a Senate member.
3. You must have a spot on the map.
4. You have to have a representative as your Senator.

Simple, right? Now, here are our members of the Senate!


Head of the Senate: Saint Nikolo
Aquilonus: Vacant
Britannia: Vacant  
Rhenum: Vacant
The Baltic Lands: Vacant
Collibus: Vacant
Fluminum: Vacant
Graecia: Vacant
Carpathius: The Kingdom of Lortris
Congelatus: Vacant

If you want to be a member of the Senate, go to our Senate application page, and follow the instructions carefully.

For the time being, you may nominate yourself as a Senate member. Thank you.
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